About crunchy

crunchy is a one man army creative agency in Copenhagen, consisting of Jakob Wagner.
I make crispy crunchy motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations and other forms of computer animation. crunchy’s solutions is often positioned somewhere between the creative and technically advanced.

I can take a project from idea and concept and all the way to finished project. Or anything smaller than that. Through the close cooperation with other small companies, I can deliver a broad range of video and animation projects.

I’m Danish, but the site is in English, since it also functions as an international aimed blog.

Get in touch with me!

If you would like to hear more, have a project you need an estimate for, or if you just would like to say hello and drink a cup of coffee.

Use the form or contact me here:
Phone: +45 2636 6729
Email: hello@crunchycph.dk
Adress: Rentemestervej 80, 2400 København NV

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